Residential Weekend at the Scottish Police College 14/15/16 August 2020

Prepayment of Residential and Membership Fees

  • If you click on this link you can make deposits towards the above throughout the next 10 months. You don’t need to let me know – I automatically get confirmation and I will confirm any deposits with you. If you wish to pay the full amount – once known – then you can make a single payment to cover the amount.

Before you arrive

  • You will get a personalised email telling you how much you need to pay, your room number, and the pass code you need to get through doors. PLEASE KEEP THAT SAFE as you need it for the weekend. No pieces of paper to lose if you have a smart phone where you can store it.
  • We have a good relationship with the SPC based on previous years. We get access to areas based on us keeping things neat and tidy, and tidying up after ourselves. Please let’s keep it that way. NB the breakout area is directly above the security office…. ’nuff said.
  • Remember: mobile communication is horrific, and whist there is Wi-Fi in the main building, there probably isn’t in your room. Bring your own homing pigeons…. 
  • Payment per attendee for weekend and 12 months’ membership – cash (exact money only, notes only – no coins) or a cheque made out in full to Royal School of Church Music Scottish Voices. Your email will tell you how much you owe but the rates are:
    • £TBA for those staying overnight
    • £TBA for those who are attending during the day only
  • If, for 2020 ONLY, you wish to pay electronically by 31st July, use this confidential link to pay by PayPal – I will automatically get notified if/when you pay – NOTE: paying electronically give the Administrator less to handle on the Friday night when you arrive, and less to worry about till they get the money into a bank! It also stops any issues with incorrectly completed cheques etc. being returned.
  • Bottled water for rehearsals (there are some water fountains available)
  • Alcohol, mixers and/or soft drinks for two nights of socialising
  • Crisps or snacks if you feel like it (some will be provided)
  • Sheet music to sing while socialising if you feel like it
  • NO Robes required
  • Your sense of humour.

Getting there

Any issues, breakdowns (car or emotional) contact me on 07483 895358 just so I know you are OK and will be arriving, but see comment above re communication!

The Scottish Police College is at Tulliallan Castle, Kincardine on Forth, Fife, close to the Kincardine Bridge which crosses the river Forth near Falkirk. (Whilst this photo is of the castle, we are in the white, flat roofed building to its left.) The proximity to the bridge makes it easy to find the area as it’s signposted from a long way away.  SPC’s postcode for SatNav is FK10 4BE.  The directions below are the easiest to describe, feel free to find your own better way.

From Glasgow: M8 eastbound, M80 signposted Stirling & Kincardine Bridge, then follow the signs for the Kincardine Bridge which will take you past Cumbernauld then just after you pass under the railway viaduct at Haggs the motorway splits, so you need to take the left lane which is the M876 signposted for Kincardine Bridge, Falkirk & Grangemouth. For directions from this point onwards jump to the paragraph on this page (in red) which is the same wherever you’re coming from.

From Edinburgh: M9 westbound all the way to junction 7 which is signposted for Kincardine Bridge M876, which you should take. For directions from this point onwards jump to the paragraph on this page (in red) which is the same wherever you’re coming from.

From Perth/Dunblane: A9/M9 southbound all the way to junction 7 which is signposted for M876, which you should take. 

Keep on the M876 (generally signposted for Kincardine Bridge) and eventually you’ll approach Higgins Neuk roundabout where the left lane is signposted for Perth & Alloa, and the right lane is signposted for the Forth Road Bridge, Kincardine and Kirkcaldy.  Follow the Kincardine directions, which is the third exit from the roundabout and which takes you over the original Kincardine Bridge (NOT the new bridge).  As soon as you’re over the bridge the main road bears right and there is a set of traffic lights, but you take the left fork (before the lights) which is signposted Perth (M90), Alloa, Kincardine (A876).  Follow that road to the T-Junction at the main traffic lights and turn left, signposted for Perth, Alloa and the Knockhill Racing Circuit. Follow that road for a few hundred yards and just after the speed limit changes up to 40mph the road bears slightly right then a couple of hundred yards later the entrance to SPC is on the right hand side (the first right turn you can take, there’s a no-entry just before it).

We have access from 5pm.  As you enter the college there is a security gatehouse with a barrier which might be open in which case obviously drive through, but if it’s closed just drive up and speak to whoever is there. If unmanned, use the intercom and just say who you are and that you’re there with RSCM Scottish Voices. You’re heading to the Parade Square, and directions are marked by the yellow arrows on the diagram below.

When you arrive 

  • All vehicles must again be parked on the Parade Square as shown above – hard to miss really.
  • Once you park go in through the glass door under the college coat of arms (see left) at the far end of the Parade Square and that’s where you’ll register, get your name badge, and be directed to your room in the Tantallon block (NB you will walk back past your parked car on the way to Tantallon so you may as well leave your bags in it while you collect your key rather than drag them in both directions).  This registration point is next to the Assembly Hall where we will rehearse, and the Dining Hall where we will eat.
  • Meet me at the reception desk outside the Assembly Hall and please pay for your residential weekend and annual membership.
  • Pick up your lanyard and pass, and room number and key
  • Check your room. You should have the basics of a bed, towels, and a bar of some sort of soap. Check that things work – toilet, showers, TV if necessary, and if any issues come back and see me please.
  • From 6.00pm until 7.30pm there will be a buffet available in the Dining Hall (it’ll finish on time as the staff need to clear up and get home), but please be aware that not everyone will be there at 6pm, so try to leave something for those who are arriving after you.
  • If you’re going to be arriving any later than 7.30pm (which is when the first rehearsal starts) please try to let me know in advance (by text message if it’s on the day). You use the code emailed to you to get into the building.

Basic Timetable

Below is the basic timetable with approximate timings and order. Note that this is just the basic structure – things may and will change according on the day as necessary. Also note that any personal 1:1 tuition, voice checks etc will occur on the Saturday, and is not reflected in this group timetable.

Friday EveningStartEndLocation
Arrivefrom 5.00pmIdeally by 7.30pm
Buffet Meal6.00pm7.30pmDining Hall
Vocal Coaching6.30pm9.30pmLecture Theatre 1
Lecture Theatre 2
Rehearsal7.30pm9.30pmAssembly Hall
Social Time9.30pmCulzean Breakout Area
Breakfast7.30am8.30amDining Hall
Rehearsal9.00am10.30amAssembly Hall
Coffee10.30am11.00amAssembly Hall
Rehearsal11.00am12.30pmAssembly Hall
Lunch12.30pm1.30pmDining Hall
Rehearsal2.00pm3.00pmAssembly Hall
Coffee3.00pm3.30pmAssembly Hall
Rehearsal3.30pm6.00pmAssembly Hall
Dinner6.30pm7.30pmDining Hall
Rehearsal7.30pm8.30pmAssembly Hall
Social Time9.00pmCulzean Breakout Area
Sunday MorningStartEndLocation
Breakfast7.30am8.30amDining Hall
Vacate rooms and return keysBY 9.00am
Rehearsal9.00am10.30amAssembly Hall
Coffee10.30am11,00amAssembly Hall
Rehearsal11.00am11.45amAssembly Hall
Closing Service12.00pm12.30pmAssembly Hall or Scottish Police Memorial depending on weather
Lunch12.30pm1.30pmDining Hall

During the weekend

  • Important: wear your RSCM Scottish Voices lanyard at all times. It is a Police College and it is your ID in a security conscious establishment.
  • Our accommodation will again be in the Tantallon building and all ensuite rooms are single occupancy other than for those people who have already asked to share twin rooms.  Bed linen and towels are provided.  All rooms lock, but neither RSCM Scottish Voices nor Police Scotland can be held liable for losses.  There is no smoking anywhere in any building or on most of the campus, follow signs to designated areas if you need to. 
  • All meals will be served in the Dining Hall, and for those with accommodation, breakfast is between 07.30hrs and 08.30hrs (sharp – they don’t usually hang about when clearing up).  The people on day attendance are entitled to lunch and dinner, and everyone will be provided tea/coffee/biscuits during morning and afternoon breaks.


  • As usual, there will be socialising on Friday and Saturday evenings after we have finished rehearsing, in the Culzean building.
  • There may well be other groups at the college during the weekend and joining us in the breakout area, and it’s again worth noting that the Culzean breakout area is directly above the security office, so we should try to be reasonable with noise etc.
  • There should be black bin bags left for us to clear up after ourselves each night, so please take personal responsibility for keeping things tidy and clean up any spillages or dropped food as you go.
  • As is our custom, we will have a “try something new” theme on the two nights, where you bring along something (ideally alcoholic) to share with others, while you try what they have brought. In the past it’s been gin, but feel free to bring whatever sets your tastebuds alight. As always, involvement in the theme is entirely optional, but if you want to take part in it you must bring something to contribute so that in return you can sample what others have brought, but in any case everyone please bring whatever you want to drink on both nights, whether soft or alcoholic.
  • I’ll bring some plastic tumblers and a few crisp type snacks to soak up some of the alcohol…..

At the end of the weekend

  • Return your room keys to me before the rehearsal starts on the Sunday morning
  • All music will be provided on loan by Frikki and at the end of the weekend please make sure you return everything to him unless told otherwise. If Frikki lets us take music away (e.g. the Psalm booklet) and you take some for another singer who isn’t at the weekend, PLEASE let the Administrator know so they know who still needs copies.
  • Return all lanyards to the Administrator.
  • Drive safely home.