Different Voices

I was recently contacted by the editor of Different Voices which is a relatively new quarterly magazine, published by the Church of Scotland, about church music in Scotland.

Their website describes it as a magazine for those who: 

  • sing in choirs, congregations and praise groups
  • play organs or other instruments
  • plan and lead the music of the local church in whatever capacity
  • write and choose music, songs and hymns for worship, including ministers and clergy
  • and all who have a general interest in how the Church worships, what it sings and has sung through all generations.

Published three times a year it costs £12.00 for three issues.  Yes, I too can work out what quarterly means!

Now since the article on their Website features a photo of someone playing a guitar, and this isn’t really the type of music that RSCM Scottish Voices is into (he said, rather restrainedly!) I didn’t have high hopes that the magazine would be any good, or rather would be of any interest to me.  But Lo and Behold, when the complimentary copy arrived and I had a look through, it’s not only very professionally put together there are some interesting articles in it.  I stand corrected then, and at only £12 a year I’d say it was well worth considering subscribing to it.

Choir members reading this – the complimentary copy (which is for the choir, not for me personally) will be with me on Saturday 20th February in St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow, our next meeting, so as I said in my email to you all regarding it, have a look at it and decide whether it’s something in which you might be interested.  If I forget to mention it (I usually have other things on my mind!) then ask me, because it’s already there in my music pigeonhole in the choir room.