Music backlog

The music for our next meeting, which is on Saturday 20th February at St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral in Glasgow, is all available from the RSCM Online Store, but there was some of it out of stock when I ordered mine on 18th January.

Today I received a reply to my email which had asked them when the due date was, and the reply said:

The copies of the Blow are due this week so should be with you, and the numerous people awaiting copies, early next week all being well

So they should be arriving with you from Monday 15th February. 

That was the only one out of stock when I placed my order, so that was the only one I queried but I suppose some of the other stuff which I didn’t need to order might not have been available, but I didn’t ask about that.  In any case, they say that out of stock items usually take around a fortnight to arrive, so there shouldn’t be any problem for any of it.