I’ve recently had a few emails from choir members worried that they’ve missed an email from me giving details of the next meeting of RSCM Scottish Voices on Saturday 17th April at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Kilmarnock.

Just to set your minds at rest, the answers to the FAQs are:

  • Yes I know it’s now less than two weeks away
  • No, the music list has not yet been finalised, it’s being worked on at the moment
  • Yes, I know it is now too late for everyone to source their own copies and if music is chosen that you don’t already have, then it will be provided to you on the day

That’s about it for the moment!

I know that’s a bit jokey, but in all seriousness, the lead up to Lent and then Easter is a frenetic time for choirmasters, and it’s only today that there’s been a window of opportunity to have the music list worked on by Frikki who is an expert in that field (amongst others) and always takes time to painstakingly and carefully make sure the service hangs together well and the chosen music fits with each other and with the theme of the liturgical season.

I have an email all typed up and ready to go out containing the details of where and when, and the main thing I’m waiting on is the music list so I can include it all in one go.  The timings on the day are exactly as normal, and it’s in the centre of Kilmarnock.  More will follow by email.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.