Dunblane (short) report

The service of Evening Prayer at Dunblane Cathedral on Saturday 5th March went very well, and the whole day, directed by Richard Walmsley and accompanied by Matthew Beetschen, was enjoyable not only musically but socially too, as we went to the Tappit Hen pub across from the Cathedral afterwards.

Our next meeting is on Saturday 21st May in the lovely setting of St Mary’s Parish Church in Haddington, just east of Edinburgh, and the service will be at 4pm.  Type of service, music lists etc will be posted in due course.

Now, having sung at Dunblane, banked money, updated spreadsheets, reconciled finance, sent out emails relating to found music copies and missing name badges, written articles for the RSCM publication CMQ and the forthcoming RSCM Scotland Newsletter and the magazine Different Voices, completed Event Registration Forms for our August and September meetings, and finally updated this website, I’m ready to not look at ANY RSCM Scottish Voices stuff for a week or two!  Except I need to try to get the music list notified for Haddington and I need to start thinking about the arrangements for our residential rehearsal weekend in August, not least who and how many will be there and therefore how much it’ll cost each of us.  Oh well, I might get a couple of days away from it!