New Sponsorship deal for RSCM Scottish Voices

RSCM Scottish Voices is still a relatively new choir, and as a self funded venture it’s sometimes hard to rein back the wonderful plans for the future to match our disposable income.  Ideas include our own robes, tours of English Cathedrals, recordings, and lots of other stuff.

We haven’t mentioned this previously in case it came to nothing, but over the past few months a lot of hard work and negotiation has been going on behind the scenes by Gordon and me to try to secure sponsorship to help us achieve some of these goals, and I’m pleased to say that only today, the start of April 2011, we’ve finalised a deal with a Glasgow based company who have an international reputation and who are happy to lay out their hard cash simply because we’ve convinced them that the reputation of RSCM Scottish Voices has become such that their sponsorship money will pay them dividends by getting their name and brand linked to our name and brand which their marketing department are now convinced will unlock a whole new marketplace for them, with the ultimate aim of their leading brand product replacing sweet sherry as the after-service refreshment of choice in refined churches across the land.

Inevitably when a commercial company is willing to provide annually a significant sum of tax free money to be spent by us on whatever we want, then we have to play ball with them to a certain extent, so while the sponsorship deal is in place, and it’s initially for a 3 year period, we will be known as RSCM Tennents Scottish Voices, and a new logo will be used to reflect the harmony between us and their world renowned product.

Below is the new logo, and under that is a mock up of how it is proposed that it will be displayed during the period of the sponsorship deal, when we have the robes which this money will allow us to purchase.

I think you’ll agree it’s striking, and I welcome any feedback or comments.