error in CMQ

For those who subscribe to the splendid RSCM magazine Church Music Quarterly (CMQ), please note that there is an unfortunate error in the latest edition of the accompanying events magazine The Network, which is landing on doormats around now.

RSCM Scottish Voices are not, and have never intended, singing in Dundee on Monday January 6th 2014, the correct date for our much anticipated return visit to St Paul’s cathedral in that fine city is Saturday 6th September 2014.

Whilst I’d urge you to visit Dundee don’t do so in January expecting to hear us sing, but please do join us in the hopefully much less wintry weather in September!

Our next meeting, the first of 2014, is on Saturday 15th February in Linlithgow, and all the correct dates, times, venues and information for all our events is contained on the Future Services and Events page of this site.

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