Vierne Vigil Mass – 23 February 2019

Starting off our 2019 programme, we are really excited to return to the beautiful ornate building and acoustics of St Aloysius’ Church in Glasgow. This will be an exciting outing, the music of Vierne being sung throughout the church’s Vigil Mass at 5.45pm.

With Frikki Walker at the helm as usual, and Kevin Duggan accompanying on St Aloysius’  new “French style” organ, we invite all to come along to the service. The music is ideal for the church, being in the style for the sound of this organ when it was written, and the beautiful choral arrangements both of which will come together superbly in St Aloysius.
We are well into the planning for our 2019/2020 year and will have some really exciting news about that soon. Please keep an eye out here for what we are planning.

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