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Error in CMQ

Eagle-eyed recipients of the fine RSCM publication Church Music Quarterly and its accompanying booklet The Network may spot in the December edition (which our administrator received through the post today) that on page 20 of The Network we are listed as singing Choral Evensong in Dundee on 5th March 2016.  We aren’t. It’s a typo. …

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error in CMQ

For those who subscribe to the splendid RSCM magazine Church Music Quarterly (CMQ), please note that there is an unfortunate error in the latest edition of the accompanying events magazine The Network, which is landing on doormats around now. RSCM Scottish Voices are not, and have never intended, singing in Dundee on Monday January 6th…

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Omission from CMQ

The latest edition of the Royal School of Church Music‘s rather excellent publication Church Music Quarterly (CMQ) with its sister publication The Network, unfortunately contains a couple of errors by omission whereby technology has conspired against publishing details of two of our forthcoming events, a visit to Old Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Edinburgh on…

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Church Music Quarterly

I was asked recently to contribute an article on RSCM Scottish Voices to the fine RSCM publication Church Music Quarterly. Not having any guidance as to the length of article expected, my first draft was something like 750 words long, but that’s now been negotiated down to 250-300 words although it may be edited further!…

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